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John Hodge

Hey all, I'm John and my goal is to help teams understand and fully leverage adtech configurations and strategies. I've been in marketing and advertising as a media buyer and leading a team of media buyers. I've worked in sell-side adtech, buy-side ad tech, and data management platforms.

My experience has given me an interesting perspective on the industry and I'm excited to put this perspective to use for programmers, distributors, and other media sellers.


Luc Dumont


Senior Vice President Business Development


I had the pleasure of working with John during my early days at Madhive, and I greatly appreciated his extensive technical expertise in the video adtech industry. His prior experience at Freewheel was a valuable asset in accelerating our supply and SSP business development efforts. John is a team player, approachable, and collaborative. His departure from our Business Development group to the Product team left a notable gap in our team.