IAB ORTB Objects that aren't required today but might be soon

Updated: 4/7/2022, 10:01:42 AM EDT

First of all, none of the OpenRTB metadata objects are required. In most ad systems, the bid request will still be generated and delivered with no technical hiccups if none of this information is included. The issue is in getting buyers to bid. No data means no (or very few) bids.

In a previous role I held, it was common to hear feedback from my clients about how buyers want more data than what’s being shared. It seemed like early on we were passing appBundle and that was about it. Before too long, that became insufficient.

So what’s next? What’re the next data points that are likely to be requested from buyers in the coming weeks and months?

My predictions for the near future

I think three main objects are going to become hot items for buyers to pick up. These predictions are based on a combination of client feedback and some educated guesses.

For full reference of these objects, refer to the Interactive Advertising Bureau OpenRTB API Specification Version 2.3.11.

More content objects

I think we’re going to see an interest in buying more content objects. Specifically, I predict seeing a request for contentTitle and contentID


This object is exactly what it sounds like. The title of the content.

Some examples are the titles “30 Rock” (television), “Tenet” (movie), or “Endgame” (made for web). The IAB also gave the non-video example, “Why an Antarctic Glacier Is Melting So Quickly” (Time magazine article)1.

It’ll be interesting to see how contentTitle comes into play in other mediums, like streaming services and video games.


This object is an ID that’s unique to a piece of content. I think either this or contentTitle will be requested.

Frankly, I think contentId would be less valuable to the buyer since it’s likely going to represent the ID as it appears in the seller's ad system. But I've heard it specifically requested, so look out.

More producer objects

I’ve already been asked by clients to supply producer information, so I think these objects will become a standard request soon.

producerName or contentProducer

Based on the conversations I’ve been a part of, buyers want to see the name of the producer. Luckily, this object could either be passed from the producer or content object.

This represents the name of the producer or originator name (e.g., “Warner Bros”)1.

More user objects

userId or buyerUId are already recommended1. But I think we might see them used to capture different kinds of IDs, like Blockgraph IDs. Or we might see IDs like BGIDs used in other objects, like customData.

How does this get implemented

There might need to be some work done to support these objects. This will likely include reaching out to your ad system vendor to see what they support and how they pass it. And you may need to configure your endpoints to supply the information that'll be passed down to buyers.

Buyers will inevitably begin asking for more information about what they’re bidding on, it’s just a matter of what they ask for first.

These are a few quick guesses from me, did I miss anything?


  1. Interactive Advertising Bureau, "OpenRTB API Specification Version 2.3.1." Interactive Advertising Bureau. 2015. https://www.iab.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/OpenRTB_API_Specification_Version_2_3_1.pdf